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The very beginning of wisdom comes from the elementary statement, “I do not know”. It is not my purpose as a mask designer to impose on the viewer what I know. Conversely, my work provides only questions and invitations to engage in your own investigative quest. This allows the viewer to take an active role in my work, turning them into a co-creator. The very presence of a mask demands interaction, which in turn interferes with the appearance as an image. Each person breathes a new life into the mask. Like the wearer, the mask also serves an important role as a powerful mode of transformation, changing both the outer and inner worlds. From the moment you don a mask your body movements and mannerisms change. You become possessed by the psychological and emotional state of the spirit or creature that envelops you. Each mask has a story to tell, but you must be the one to channel those mythologies for yourself. I invite you to explore the depths of the collective mind and expose your own interpretations through role-play. Lose yourself to find yourself in all.

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